TRAVEL - Marjie Brown Photography
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This man was a Tibetan Trader passing through Namche Bazaar in Nepal on his way to Dharamsala, India. Many Tibetans make their way on this path on a pilgrimage to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I was staying with a Sherpa family in the village for a few weeks, recovering from bronchitis. They put me to work minding their little shop, selling yak cheese, cooking oil, sugar, and stale Snickers bars to passers-by. Tashi, like other nomads and traders, spent several days in the village resting, and sharing the little charcoal fire the Sherpa family made for me every morning to keep me toasty. It was the most joyful and amazing bout of bronchitis I've ever had.

Fine artTashiTibethand painted